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What we can provide, to give you a clear solution to your acoustic problems and needs. An Edinburgh based company, we serve central, southern and throughout Scotland.

Design Advice

During the planning stages of your design we can advise the best practice and solutions to any acoustic issues which may be present. Along with this, catching issues early and then highlighting and providing solutions to these can help minimise risk of future problems. This includes meeting regulations, reducing hearing damage/fatigue and minimising disturbance due to noise.

Room Acoustics

If you are building a recording studio, designing or refurbishing a performance space, upgrading a music venue or simply looking to improve the acoustic environment of your listening spaces at home, work and beyond, we can help. Our crossover knowledge of room and audio acoustics allows us to provide you with an optimum solution for your activity space.

Building Fabric Upgrades

Be it noise ingress from lobbies to sensitive spaces, upgrade advice for building facades to reduce traffic noise, or remedial soundproofing works to separating walls and partitions, we can propose actions for improving the sound insulation between spaces.

Noise Monitoring

Should you have concerns about your noise producing activities and want to minimise the risk of complaint, we can assist by monitoring and assessing the impact and associated risk of adverse affects of noise. As well as this we can provide you with advice on what to do to reduce any adverse impacts.

Other Services

These include consultancy on vibration issues, advice on audio set up and optimisation and recommendations of appropriate products. Noise break-in and break-out in accordance with BS 8233, Noise impact assessments in accordance with BS 4142 and TAN 2011. Sound Insulation testing to Scottish building standards.

Attenuation Measures

We can assess, provide feedback and solutions along with sourcing products to aid with the attenuation of noisy machines or areas. This can include attenuation measures for power generators, plant rooms, noisy workshop areas, separation of noisy and quiet areas in an office and extraction fans or kitchen noise in restaurants.

Why Acoustics?

Acoustics affects us every moment of every day, there's no escaping this fact. Our aim is to make a better acoustic evironment for everyone.
Acoustic Engineering Consultancy Scotland - Noise, Sound, Audio, Vibration

At Thomson Acoustic Engineering, we believe that acoustics is important. Not only is it important, but we believe it is a critical element of getting the most out of life. After all, together with our eyes, it's our main way of experiencing and observing the world. Good acoustics can mean many things, from ensuring that you get a quiet nights sleep by guarding against traffic noise, achieving the highest fidelity sound from a performance or entertainment space, to finding the best way to meet with regulations that ensure acceptable acoustic conditions are attained. This motivation is what drives us to solve acoustic problems, no matter how small or large. We do this by using an engineering approach to solve the problems presented by our clients. This involves gaining an understanding of all aspects of a project, allowing us to pick up on nuances which may effect the acoustics and highlight root causes. Drawing on inter-related disciplines within acoustics facilitates a wider range of understanding and problem solving capabilities, giving the ability to specify the most appropriate products and design solutions for your needs.

  • % of Europeans experience sleep disturbance due to noise
  • dB is the level that can risk hearing damage if exposed to for too long
  • db(a) the sound level of music if exposed to for longer than 15 mins, can result in hearing damage
  • db(a) is the level recommended by the who, for good quality sleep in bedrooms

About Thomson Acoustic Engineering

A friendly, yet straightforward approach to acoustic solutions.
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Vibration expert

For issues surrounding vibration, we can help point you in the right direction.
Vibration is at the essence of acoustics. Tackling vibration issues at their heart can often resolve associated acoustic problems and prevent complex and sometimes costly pure acoustic attenuation measures. Vibration Isolation can in many cases work hand in hand with acoustic attenuation.
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Fraser Thomson

Founder & Acoustic Engineering Consultant
Fraser studied Mechanical Engineering at Heriot Watt University, specialising his modules & final year thesis on acoustics. As well as full corporate membership of the Institute of Acoustics he additionally holds the IOA diploma in acoustics & noise control.
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Audio Expert

For expert consulting regarding technical audio, we can aid in providing you with a solution.
Perhaps the most common association linking humans & acoustics is music. Audio acoustics nowadays is more powerful & sophisticated than ever, however getting good sound is still not always easy. We bridge the gap between acoustics & pure audio, allowing you to get the best out of your space and your equipment.

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